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Michaela & Justine

Nanny Michaela


Victorian Spanking

Hand-Spanked bare





Again Domestic


Stripped nude, Belinda Lawson grabs her ankles for a 12-swat paddling

Stripped stunningly nude, secretary Belinda Lawson is punished for hiding Earl Grey’s paddle. His discipline is strict, his authority complete. Belinda has to strip and hold her legs, then her ankles for 12 bare swats with a wooden paddle in Executive Privilege

Belinda Lawson Stripped nude for a Spanking

Teeth-gritting, bouncing bare bottom spanking for new star Tara Somerville

Beautiful newcomer Tara Somerville is back as The Intern in Mr Reed’s office for those perfect, jutting bare butt cheeks to be soundly spanked 71 times with a ping-pong paddle for disrespect. Hands on his desk, it’s a teeth-gritting spanking to remember!

Bare bottom Spanking for Tara Somerville

Pretty Kelly Morgan presents her bottom for a 14-stroke caning in Naval Cadet

She’s hot, she’s pert and due a caning! Blue-eye Kelly Morgan is due 12-strokes across her bouncing butt cheeks for taking a military jeep into town. Jacket and skirt off, she bends over Mr Anderson’s desk for 6 on panties and 8 bare butt for miscounting! Ouch!

Kelly Morgan receives 14 stroke caning

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